White Aligator Chili ... with quail.

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White Aligator Chili ... with quail.

Post by Mark R » Sat Jun 14, 2014 7:41 am

Been kinda quiet around here, and since I can't fish just yet....
A recipe I'm workin on, not finished yet. Ahh man the testing :lol: :lol: :roll: With a rosemary parmigiano bread stik.

Man it good!
I fergot ta mention, sposed to be 1/2 gator, 1/2 chicken but when I defrosted the chicken...it was quail, so - quail it is!
A soak in Mojo and a nice saute along with the quail. Some dried Great Northern beans, can of garbanzos. Couple other bits and pieces. :) Couple 6 sirrano chili... Cup of smoked white cheddar..

And yes it is the wrong time of year, but that doesn't change when the inspiration strikes. It is really good, the inspiration came from a Carroll Shelby White Chicken Chili Recipe. It's (was) sold as a kit but I found the recipe and the idear struck. Butt I changed it a lot, still got a couple more tweaks butt gooood!
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