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Honeymoon Island

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:10 am
by nemo327
Launched from Dunedin Causeway Sat morning. On the way I saw a large collection of tower boats on the causeway it looked like a fishing tourney was about to start. The advertised 5 mph wind was double. However; I fish when I can. The water was "sporty" to say the least combination west wind and tide caused the waves to hump instead of roll progress was very slow. Once at the island it was very calm, mullet were schooling hardly any wind. The shallow water kept the tower boats away from my fishing area. although they were in the area. I misjudged the tide and it was too high at low tide to find tailing reds. I managed 1 ladyfish that I saved as an after thought. Two hours later I cut that ladyfish into bite sized chunks and caught a 25 in red next to the mangroves. This was the last cast of the day so I paddled back thru the pillows to my truck. A good day on the water.