PFTS #3 score sheet

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PFTS #3 score sheet

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Here's what you need to take pics of. Basically it is every snook, trout and red you catch.

For the money, it is the inches of one redfish plus the inches of a trout. You also get 5 points if you bring a red and/or trout back for the fish fry. This is 5 points total whether you bring one 18 inch trout or you bring back your legal limit of redfish and trout. And PLEASE only bring back legal lengths and limits!

Example - a 25 inch redfish plus a 20 inch trout is 45 points. Bring either or both back to the fish fry and you get 5 points for a total of 50 points.

The tie breaker is the number of spots on one side of one redfish and it may be the same redfish in the inches tally. If we still have a tie after that the assembled crowd will vote on a second tie breaker.


Largest red, trout and snook are for other prizes. We many or may not have other prizes. However, Logic Lures would love to have the pictures anyway.

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